Technical Support

Considering some customers are not very professional in manhole covers, they may only know they need manhole covers, but they don’t understand some detailed specifications and loading ability.

Based on our rich experience in this industry, we help customers design and choose the right manhole cover.

First of all, we help clients design the size, shape and weighing level of cast iron manhole cover for customers based on customer communication. Then use CAD or solidworks software to design models for customers.

If customers need to add LOGO and patterns, we will also design for customers in the computer modeling stage.

solidworks design for gully grates
Solidworks 3D design for cast iron gully grates

Iron Mould for Sand Box

At the beginning of making ductile iron manhole covers, the sandboxes were manually made one by one. That waste time and labor, and not efficiently.

We have advanced production lines, the sand boxes for cast iron foundry are pressed by machine, the efficiency is very high, the precision is also very good, the manhole cover produced is very delicate.

We can design and make the moulds for customers, greatly improving the production speed and product quality.

iron mould for cast iron foundry sand box
iron mould for cast iron foundry sand box
sand boxes for cast iron gully grates
sand boxes for cast iron gully grates

Clients visits

Our factory is located in Changsha, 30Km from Huanghua International airport, welcome to our clients visit our factory.

Our sales and enginee team will support 24 hours and take care of everything.

Clients visit CastKing Foundry Factory