Cast iron access cover

Cast Iron Access Cover B125 C250 Light Duty

Material: cast iron, ductile iron
GJS500-7 & EN124
Size: customized or standard
LOGO embed: available
Loading ability: from B125 to F900
Certification: CE, ISO

Product Description

Cast Iron Access Cover light-duty B125 C250 is specially designed for pedestrian, pavement, walker side. The material can be grey iron or ductile iron. Offer both standard size or customized size.

Factory loacted in Changsha, Hunan, China. It`s in the middle position of China. Factory started since 1993, with long casting history for access covers.

Cast iron access cover with a very long lifetime, can be used for more than 50 years. we offer an anti-rust painting process that makes the covers away from rust and corrosion. the painting is bitumen or epoxy.

Choose a correct loading class for your cast iron access cover

There are 6 different loading classes according to EN:124. Which are A15, B125, C250, D400, E600, F900. We can make the access covers according to your chosen loading class. If you don`t confirm which loading class is perfect for you. We can help you choose.

Normally, pedestrian and pavement are light-duty application, B125 and C250 are available.

If your cast iron access covers are applied for main road, highway, those are heavy-duty applications. D400 , E600 is recommend.


ShapeRound, Square, Rectangular, Triangular
Diameterfrom 200-1500mm
Depthfrom 10-400mm
MaterialDuctile iron GJS500-7
Loading abilityEN124
LockLock and hinge available
SizeCutomized size and shape available

Loading class

Manhole cover loading class, there are 6 different class accoring to EN124 standad, it`s A15, B125, C250, D400, E600, F900. Different loading class means different application. Normally, A15, B125, C250 for pavement, depestrain, park; D400 E600 for main road and highway; E600-F900 for airport, dock.

GroupLoading classApplication
#. Group 1A15Pedestrain, pavement
#. Group 2B125Driveway
#. Group 3C250Car parks
#. Group 4D400Main road, highway
#. Group 5E600Industrial area
#. Group 6F900Docks & airport

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