Gully grates

  • Gully grates made of cast iron or ductile iron.
  • Shape: round, square, rectangular, double triangular.
  • Loading class: EN125:2015 B125, C250, D400, E600, F900
  • Size: customized size or standard size
  • Customized range: 200-1200mm
  • Special support: Shape design, CAD and solidworks drawing, sample and factory test.

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Since 1993, Castking started to produce and sell gully grates all around the world.

We have established long-term and good cooperation with many customers in other countries, gaining mutual trust and support. Regarding the gully grates, we have enough production experience.

What is gully grates ?

Gully cover is a common item in life, maybe you can often see it on the road. It covers the top of the sewer, with a gap in the middle to allow rainwater to flow in. Although there are gaps, this does not affect its overall strength. Most of the gully covers on the market are made of nodular cast iron, which is a new type of material invented in the last century. Its strength is second only to carbon steel , But the price is cheaper than carbon steel.

Ductile iron gully cover is characterized by good strength, long service life, and excellent load capacity, which can be applied to home, industry, road, airport and other places.

Gully cover can be designed into different shapes, the most common is generally rectangular, with load levels from A15 to F900. Can be designed with hing and lock to prevent theft, can also be added to maintain good anti-rust performance.


It can be applied to sidewalks, main roads, traffic lanes, highways, airports, docks, etc. Choose different weighing grades according to these different applications. About the weighing grade, you can know our related information.

Generally installed in sewage, sewer, rainwater, ditches and other places.

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