With 27 years experiences of producing cast iron gully grates, we offer the products not only in China, also we have exported to many other countries and regions. Our main oversea market is Southeast Asia, Europe, and Africa, Middle East.

We can offer all loading ability according to EN124, B125, C250, D400, E600, F900. The cast iron gully grates are tested make sure bearing enough heavy.

Customized gully grates is available, such as shape design, loading ability, pattern, text, hinge, lock and anti-rust coating. Manufactured from Ductile Iron (GG50) material meet the requirement of EN 124.

The application of our gully grates: pedestrians, pavement, parking lots, main road, docks, Airports.

F900 ductile iron gully grates

it is specially designed for air port, dock. with very good loading ability, the MAX loading weight is 90T.

How to make a gully grate loading 90T ? the only solution is add more material, make it thicker, thinker and thinker.

It means F900, it`s heavier and need more cost. So, chooce right loading class for corresponding project is necessary.