Concrete Infill Heavy Duty Ductile Iron Drain Cover with Solid Top for Sewerage and Storm-water

Ductile Iron Drain Cover

  • Are most popular used for some applications such as storm-water, sewer systems, and municipal projects.
  • The sizes of the drain cover are confirmed by clear opening size (C/O) , which is also the size of the inspection chamber.
  • The cover is made of ductile iron of GJS500-7, which is a very nice material with strong strength.
  • We can provide ductile iron drain cover according to your requirement.

Concrete infill drain cover

For some special application, no need to display drain cover on the road surface, the covers can be covered by concrete. So, the concrete infill drain cover can hide under the surface of the road. According to a different applications, it can be divided into 3 levels, light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty. Which heavy-duty is for main road loading ability is D400.

Heavy duty drain cover

Heavy duty drain cover can be used for main road, highway, and other heavy-duty traffic. Its loading ability is D400 E600 and F900. Made of ductile iron and painted with black bitumen.