Introduction of Cast iron manhole cover

cast iron manhole cover

Cast iron manhole cover is a high-strength cover plate cast from ductile iron, used in roads and other places. A product that is very common in daily life, on the highway, on the sidewalk, at the pier, and in the industrial area, you will often see them.

Perhaps in most of the cognition, they just cover the sewer, in fact, they have more functions. Not only are sewers, they can also be used in municipal water supply, gas, electricity, communications and other industries. If you look closely, they will have different marks on the surface to distinguish different applications.

Most manhole covers on the market are made of ductile iron, which is a very strong material with strength close to carbon steel, but the price is cheaper than carbon steel.

According to different uses, we will design different load levels, such as sidewalks, we can design it to be thinner and lighter, so as to meet the load requirements while reducing costs. If it is an airport, dock, main road and other large transportation vehicles, we will thicken and strengthen the manhole cover to ensure that it can carry enough weight.

Why use Cast iron manhole cover?

Helpful for maintenance

We know that underground pipelines run through the entire city, and their distance may be tens of kilometers or even hundreds of kilometers. For such a long distance, a point needs to be set every other distance for maintenance and management. At each point, we call it a manhole, and the staff can enter the manhole, repair the pipeline, and clear the blockage.

Over 30-50 years of use

In urban planning, we all require roads to be used for a very long time, and manhole covers that are matched with them are recommended for at least 30 years. Cast iron is a very reliable material, with excellent corrosion resistance and super toughness and strength, will not be easily deformed. This feature can ensure that every Cast iron manhole cover can be used for more than 30 years, which is destined to become an important part of road construction.

Are you looking for a supplier of cast iron manhole cover ?

You need a reliable factory

To find a suitable Cast iron manhole cover supplier, you first need to check the ability of their factory.

This will directly affect the experience of cooperation. You need to make sure that the factory you are working with is large and reliable. If your order is relatively large.

So that they can guarantee the delivery of goods within the scheduled time and ensure that your construction project is on schedule.

Tested Manhole Covers

The factory needs to have special testing equipment, and every manhole cover needs testing to ensure that it can bear enough weight.

The usual test is a pressure test, which applies a force on the manhole cover. The force depends on the design and weighing level of the manhole cover. For example, if the rating is E600 EN124, the applied force is 600KN.

Under the action of this force, there will be no cracks in the manhole cover, obvious deformation, and surface damage, indicating that the manhole cover is qualified.

Factory has advanced equipment

Whether there is advanced production equipment. At the beginning, cast iron manhole cover was made manually.

The surface of the manhole cover may have unevenness, blurred patterns. Of course, these ambiguities will not affect the quality and weighing grade of the manhole cover, only the appearance. If you have more requirements for appearance, you need to have mechanized advanced production equipment in the factory to ensure that the manhole cover is beautiful.

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Loading ability

There are 6 different loading class from EN: 124

F900 (Heavy Duty)Loading ability 900KN, 90TFor dock, airport. There are large transport vehicles, large transport aircraft, large trucks, etc. that require more load.
E600 (Heavy Duty)Loading ability 600KN 60TFor main road, highway, industrial estate. There are large transport trucks
D400 (Medium Duty)Loading ability 400KN 40TFor main road, commercial park, industrial parking, ordinary trucks, pickups, buses
C250 (Medium Duty)Loading ability 250KN 25TFor pavement, garden, small car parking, generally only ordinary household small vehicles
B125 (Light Duty)Loading ability 125KN 12.5TFor pedestrian, generally only pedestrians, bicycles, etc
A15 (Light Duty)Loading ability 15KN 1.5TFor pedestrian, generally only pedestrians, bicycles, etc
Choose the loading class that you think is suitable, according to the actual use place. If you still have doubts about the selected load level, you can choose a higher level to ensure the reliability of the load.

The shape of Cast iron manhole cover

Cast iron manhole cover can be designed into round, square, rectangular, double-triangular, etc. Among them, circular manhole covers are the most common. Different shapes are just different shapes, there is no other difference. If you consider the space inside the manhole and facilitate the staff to enter and operate inside, it may be designed as a square or a rectangle. Then the shape of the manhole cover will be the same as the manhole.

The round manhole cover has 2 additional features

1. No matter from what angle, the round manhole cover will not fall, this can ensure safety. If it is a square or rectangular manhole cover, because the length of the diagonal is longer than the side length, when the manhole cover is erected and then rotated by a certain angle, it may fall.

2. The round manhole cover can be rolled, which is convenient for the staff to carry. The manhole covers are very heavy. The F900 manhole cover may exceed 100kg. Rolling the manhole cover on the ground will make handling easier.