Where to buy some manhole covers? From a manufacturer?

If you want to buy some manhole covers, but you don`t know where to buy some. We can guide you to buy correctly also save you time and money.

How many manhole covers you want to buy?

If you just want to buy a few units, you can buy it from your local market. Why? Because that can save money!!!.

Some think if they buy from a factory, that can save lots of money because factories always offer a better price. Yes, that is true. But you have to clarify how heavy a manhole cover it is. Especially cast iron / ductile iron manhole covers. The shipping cost is expansive!!!

For example, if you want to buy 3units cast iron manhole cover for your project, each cover may weight 100Kg, totally is 300Kg. If ship by freight like DHL or FedEx, this shipping cost maybe a few thousand dollars if you buy it from a Chinese factory.

Of course, you don`t want to pay for it. So, you better turn to your local wholesales.

If you want to buy hundreds or thousands

That will be a huge difference if quantity is large. Then, you can contact some Chinese factories for cast iron manhole cover. As we know, you can get a better factory price from China side. When quantity is large, you can ship the manhole covers by sea. Each 20ft container can install 100-200 pcs manhole covers. In that way, shipping cost become very cheap.

My local wholesales cannot offer me the required sizes!

Some purchasers may complain that their local suppliers cannot offer all sizes they need. Especially for some non-standard size. That is because your local wholesales can only import some standard size, even some popular standard size.

If you have some non-standard size requirements, your local wholesales cannot help you. You have to turn to factories.

If there are factories in your local market?

We are not sure, but for some environment restrict, many factories in Europe have closed and now they are only trading. Sometimes, you have to find a reliable Chinese cast iron manhole cover manufacturer.

Factory can offer you non-standard sizes

A nice factory can help you design your manhole covers, such as its size, weight, loading class and even patterns and LOGO on the surface. That is all-in-one service.

At the first, you can give your requirements to the factory, such as quantity, size, loading class, material and design. Factory can help you design and give you drawing, that is very helpful.

If factories have a MOQ requirement?

Yes, most of the factories, they have a MOQ requirement. They don`t sell just one or two units.

But, if it`s really necessary that have this customized cast iron manhole cover for your project, even only need 1 or 2 PCS. Some factories can do it, as least we can do it.

In a word

  1. If you find small QTY standard sizes, go to your local wholesales
  2. If you find large QTY standard and non-standard sizes, go to factories.
  3. If you find small QTY non-standard sizes, go to factories and see if they willing to do it.

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