A factory that makes cast iron manhole cover since 1993

China cast iron foundry factory for manhole covers and gully grates

Start since 1993

In 1993, it was an unprecedented opportunity for the Chinese economy and a period of rapid development ( also include the development of cast iron manhole covers and gully grates ). At that time, China may still lag behind, but that year was also the first year of CASTKING FOUNDRY.

What we make?

Start from labor

At the beginning, we didn’t have any automatic casting line, everything was done manually. But it is under such difficult conditions that we have been developing rapidly. We began to gradually sell manhole covers in the surrounding areas and signed many contracts with many municipal engineering companies in the surrounding area.

Fast development

After years of rapid development, CASTKING has continuously expanded the company’s scale, and more people have joined us. Some years later, we started to use automatic casting lines to increase production capacity and product quality.

During this time, we have signed cooperation with many large domestic companies, such as China Mobile and HUAWEI.

Now, we have more than 800 workers

Now we have a company scale of more than 800 employees, 2 advanced automated production lines, and product testing equipment. The company’s manhole covers are not only sold in China, but also exported to many different countries and regions. Our office building is in Changsha and the factory is 40Km away. Our office building is very close to the airport, which makes it convenient for customers to visit us.

Office building in Changsha Hunan China
Factory, 40Km away from Office Building — in Jinjing town
Warehouse for cast iron manhole covers

Our advantageous

1. We can offer better quality and exquisite manhole covers and gully grates

We know, there are many competitors in China, even in other countries such India and Turkey, in order to keep our competitiveness. we try to offer better quality manhole covers.

Manhole covers and gully grates are sand casting made, many of the foundries they only use manual casting line, which the sand case was made manually. We have to admit that human cannot do accurately as mechanical, there are some defect anyway.

CASTKING apply automatic sand casting line to make manhole covers and gully grates, that make sure products surface is perfect without defect and less tolerance.

As you can see in the picture, there sand case is very well.

the sand casting cast for manhole cover

2. Fast delivery, save your time, also, we can offer a better price

As I have said, we use automatic casting line, that means our production is faster, it is much faster than human manual casting. We can produce 500PCS products everyday, this is perfect we can save your time. Also, the most important is we can save labor cost and that also reduce product price. If you work with us, you can save a lot of cost also keep product quality good.

3. Better and easy communication

For casting industries, the best communication method is drawing, drawing can describe everything clearly and understand easily. Our factory has the professional team that can help our clients design cast iron manhole covers and drain grates and provide corresponding drawing fast.

Also, we can read your drawing, and product according to your drawing strictly.

You can see the Youtube Video of our foundry

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